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Feel Sounds is an intercultural project for music, rhythm, sound and movement for the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing of all ages.

Feel sounds  Presentation | German

Feel Sounds presentación |  Español

Feel sounds  Presentation | DGS

"Life begins with rhythm ...
the rhythm of the heartbeat. "

Yma America


Many know Herbert Grönemeyer's song about the joy a deaf girl has in music - because she can't hear the sound, but feels the vibrations.


Yma América, Venezuelan singer and cellist, met a deaf child years ago at a party who played and danced almost perfectly without anyone noticing the handicap.  

That was the initial spark for FEEL SOUNDS - a music project to enable deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people of all ages to make music together using rhythm, sound and movement. They make music together with a lot of fun. After learning and practicing different rhythms, the group presents their form of feeling and understanding the music. Drumming, experiencing different sounds, combining rhythmic exercises with movement, reading and playing rhythm, physically representing notes, singing with sign language - the program is colorful and varied.

FEEL SOUNDS pursues the following goals:

  • Integration of the deaf and hard of hearing into the society of the hearing

  • Integration of young people from different cultures into society

  • Promotion of social structures between the non-hearing, the hard-of-hearing and the hearing

  • as well as the strengthening of self-assessment, self-esteem and community and increasing communication skills as social learning goals

  • Contribution to social acceptance of the disabled in terms of inclusion.


Feel Sounds projects

Yma America

Eintrachtstrasse 61

50668 Cologne

Tel: +49.221.7195632

Mobile: +49 151 752 852 82

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